21 things I’ve learned in 21 years

I am finally 21 & somehow I feel as if my life is both basically over because I am so old now, (kidding, kinda), & that my life is only just beginning. Shortly after I turned 21 I reflected on things I’ve learned thus far, & so I’d like to share with you guys 21 things I’ve learned in 21 years.

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1. If something makes you happy do it.

yup. I’ve learned it’s really that simple. If something makes you genuinely happy, you should always do it. For yourself, because when it comes down to it you need to make you happy, at all costs. The end.

2. Some people just won’t like you.

No matter how hard you try some people just will not like you. Maybe they have a past reason or no reason at all, regardless of how hard you try their minds will not change & that’s okay. Leave them be, don’t focus on them & focus on yourself & the people who love you.

3. You can never take too many photos.

There are days where I will spend 8 hours with a camera in my face taking my photo, yet still, if I feel good about myself, I’ll snap a couple of selfies with absolutely no remorse. Taking photos on trips, with family, & with friends are so crucial too. There’s nothing like revisiting your camera roll and seeing a photo from a day or even a moment you loved. Trust me.

4. Mom is always right.

Okay, maybe not always… but a good 99.9% of the time. That fake friend she warned you about? That skincare “hack” that she told you would break you out? The party that you probably shouldn’t go to? That sketchy boy? Yeah.. just listen to her.

5. Toxic things just aren’t worth it.

Whether its a job, a friend, a boyfriend, an environment, whatever it may be, no matter how much you may care about it, if it’s unhealthy & you know it, you should remove yourself. Nothing is ever worth your misery.

6. Don’t rely on a relationship to be happy.

I learned this the hard way. Just don’t. Make yourself happy, always.

7. True friends call you on your shit.

When you’re being dumb, arrogant, insensitive, or selfish, your true friends will not be afraid to speak up. Watch out for the “friends” who never check you.

8. You learn a lot when you listen.

Listen when people talk to you. Put your phone down, engage in the conversation. Even if it may not be your favorite topic of discussion or something you think you’re interested in, just listen. You will take something away from the conversation I promise.

9. You don’t always have to have it all together.

Really. You don’t. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing after college, or if you even want to finish college. It’s okay to be a mess sometimes just don’t get stuck there. Always move forward, & you’ll be fine.

10. Make time for yourself.

Spend. Time. Alone. & not because you have to, but more because you want to. Go on walks, workout, go for a drive, get dinner. Get connected to yourself, & your wants & needs & everything else in your life will be so much easier.

11. Make time for your people.

You have a lot of people who really love you. Don’t forget that. Make an effort to spend time with them, even if it’s just a little. They’ll appreciate it, & you could use the quality time.

12. Create your own path.

Figure out your dreams & desires, & then follow those. Don’t worry about what society tells you-you “should” be doing. Don’t worry about what your friend is doing, or the girl who graduated with you. It’s your life, not theirs.

13. Read. Read. Read.

Read a fiction book, read a novel, read a self-help book, read a magazine, a newspaper. Just read something. & often. It’s a great escape & keeps your mind stimulated.

14. Take care of yourself.

Learn to listen to your body. Am I tired? Am I hungry? Am I stressed? Am I anxious? Figure yourself out both mentally & physically & then don’t be afraid to give yourself whatever you may need.

15. Travel when you can.

Take advantage of any & all travel opportunities. My trip to LA was my first time traveling long term & alone, & all I can say is woah. This world is so incredibly big & filled with so many different beautiful people, places, & things. Just go whenever you have the opportunity. Talk to strangers. See things you have never seen. Do things you have never done. You’ll learn a lot about the world & yourself.

16. Don’t be afraid to say no.

To anyone. Ever. That boy you’re not sure of yet. That credit card you don’t want to open. That trip you don’t think you can handle. The party you don’t want to go to. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Simple.

17. Mistakes happen & are necessary.

You’re going to mess up, do things wrong, & sometimes fail. It might be embarrassing, & upset you even, but at the end of the day they happen, & guess what? They end up only making you better.

18. Nothing feels better than being independent.

There’s no better feeling than being able to make things happen for yourself without relying on anyone else. Make sure you’re working hard always, it’ll be worth it. 

19. Social media is fake.

Social media is simply a highlight reel where we all post the amazing things we’re doing. No one’s life is that perfect. Not a single persons. Don’t get caught up in it.

20. Listen to your gut.

Gut feelings are kinda like guardian angels. Listen to them, even when you don’t want to, they’re telling you something.

21. Focus on the good.

Really. I have learned from experience that when you focus on the good, the good gets better. Training your mind to focus primarily on the good is a challenge no doubt, but once you do that, things start to change for the better, in every aspect. You always have a choice, what you decide however, is completely up to you.




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