it’s all about the little things

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and today I found myself thinking about things that make me the happiest, so here are 

10 things that make me insanely, insanely, happy.

  1. Pretty skies. If you know me, you know this. The second I see a sky painted in pink, blue, orange, or purple, my phone is coming out. Can’t really explain why but it just brings me a lot of peace, happiness, and gratitude. In short, they make my heart reallllllllyyy happy.
  2.  Long hugs. There’s nothing quite like a long embrace with someone you really care about. It’s probably where I feel the most loved & the safest.
  3. A good book. Again, if you know me there’s no surprise. To me, books are better than tv or movies because in my mind I get to envision it my way.
  4. A fire playlist. It’s essential. Music for every mood. Happy, sad, hopeful, in love, heartbroken, vibing, or turning up. If you’re around me enough you’ll know the music is always on, & playing from my playlist entitled “shìt I been listening to.” (Side note, I’m making my two best friends listen to it with me right now as I type).
  5. The sneaky eye contact with someone you really like. Come on, you guys know what I mean. I don’t even have to explain. THAT look.
  6. Quotes. Nothing I love more than a little motivation to keep going. To keep your loving yourself & those around you. To serve as a little pick me up right when you need it.
  7. Chips & salsa. So simple, but so true. I will literally never, ever, EVER, say no to Mexican restaurant date.
  8. Making my people proud. I’m convinced there are no better words to hear from the people you love and respect most.
  9. Deep conversations. With anyone. Let’s talk about your goals, your dreams, your tribulations. Let’s talk about relationships & heartbreaks, & what love means to you. Let’s talk about the world & why we need to do better. Let’s talk about how much Donald Trump fucking sucks. Let’s talk about everything.
  10. Achieving a goal (no matter how small). I especially love this when it’s a goal I’ve been working towards for a while. A goal I might’ve almost given up on, or a goal that seemed to knock me on my ass time and time again. There’s nothing a little passion, & discipline can’t get you.

These are all fairly, small & simple, but really some of my favorite things. So if I were to ask you what’re 10 things that make you insanely, insanely, happy; no matter how big, or how small, what would your answers be? Think about it.




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