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Since I decided that I’m going to start writing & posting more here I wanted to do a get to know me & answer some questions that people might have. The other day I put a story on my Instagram & told people to ask away. Here are some of the questions they asked & my answers.

Do you like LA or MI better?

Definitely a love hate relationship with both. Michigan offers me peace. Whenever I need a break from the LA madness I book a flight home for an undisclosed amount of time. I can breathe there. I have my family & close friends, but when it comes to modeling & getting where I want to be longterm Michigan simply can’t offer me what LA can. LA is full of opportunity but it also moves at 1000mph at all times, & it can be so draining. When I really think about it, I’m not sure I belong in either place, but the good news is I’m only 22 & have some time to figure it out.

Where do you look for inspiration?

When I’m looking for inspiration I’m heading to a couple places Pinterest, Tumblr, Documentaries, or Books. I go to these places because I know I will always find something I’m looking for. A quote, a saying, a photo, something to get me going & shift my focus. I highly recommend Pinterest for anything, especially those who consider themselves a creative.

What’re your future goals?

Wanna know something? Whenever the clock shows 11:11 I always make the same wish. Every single time. “Happy. Successful. & Loved.” (is that bad luck to tell? oops). I repeat this over & over & put it into the universe until the clock switches. Now I understand those things aren’t very specific & can mean a lot of different things, but at the end of the day, those are really all I want. More than anything I want to make myself proud in every endeavor I pursue, I want to laugh more than I cry, & I want to be surrounded by love in all my relationships & friendships. As I get older I’ve noticed that these things mean something different. At first, I believed that happiness was equivalent to smiling all the time. Success was equivalent to lots of zeros in the bank, an expensive car, & of course a huge home. Love was equivalent to a husband who worshipped the ground I walked on & that was it. Genuine happiness is what I’m looking for though which to me means being at peace with myself, my life, & my decisions. Smiles don’t equal happiness. Success isn’t measured by the number of zeros in my account or the designer I own. Instead to me, being successful means being proud of my work, proud of the things I choose to pursue, & of course, having a positive impact on others’ lives. And love, love doesn’t start & end with a man. It starts with myself. Loving myself, & loving those all around me, unapologetically, with no questions asked.

“Happy. Successful. Loved.”

How do I secure the bag?

Hahahaha well, first figure out your definition of the bag, (my definition might be different than yours) & then keep grinding until you get it. At all costs.

What’s first thing you notice about someone?

OOOOfffff. I am a sucker for a pretty smile & good teeth. That’ll get me every time. When I start talking to a new boy I’ll usually lead off with “did you have braces?” (because I had mine for like 3.5 years!). It’s my way of leading into letting them know their teeth are pretty. After that, though it’s easily their personality. I have a big personality myself, & love to talk (clearly) so when I meet someone & their vibe is dope & genuine I really love it.


Yes, yes indeed. I have a complicated relationship with men. I’ve been in this “I hate men” stage for a while. During this stage, I quote on quote operated like a man. I had no feelings involved when I was talking to them or spending time with them & I knew that, but they didn’t. I led them on, & the second one of them hit me with the “what are we” or “boyfriend,” I ran. Far & fast. I am slowly but surely making my way out of this stage though. I don’t hate men quite as much or think they’re allllll terrible. (Trust me there’s still a stigma, but when you have the experiences I have with men, it’s warranted to a certain extent). I’m at a place now where if something great comes along & all signs point green, then I’ll go, give it a genuine chance. But I’m also not searching & certainly am not forcing anything I’m far too young for that.

Where’s yo man at?

Well, I am hoping, he (whoever he is going to be) is out there working on himself. Working towards his goals & being a kind man in the process. I also hope he’s sleeping with all the women he needs to right now so that when we get together seriously he doesn’t feel the need to run & do it then. (Cuz ouch that hurts, & I really can’t go through that again). Hopefullllllyyyy, he’s out there finding himself, (the same way I am) so that once he does, he can come find me.

Are you going on any dates?

Uhhhhh, yes, no, kinda. I really don’t know hahaha. I have this hugeeeee belief that my soulmate is not in Los Angeles, Ca. I could be wrong but if I had to guess I’d say he’s not here, not right now. When I’m in LA my lack of interest in going on dates is comforting. It allows me to focus on work, myself, my friends, & simply having fun. I am talking to people though. Getting to know a few different people, so maybe facetime dates if that counts? I’m a big believer in getting to know multiple people because this world is really big. Really, really big, full of a lot of amazing people. Until you & one person have had that conversation & are mutually exclusive then I think you should go on dates, do your thing, & meet as many people as possible. You have to do this to figure out what you like & don’t like. While you’re doing this though, just be honest, PLEASE. We’re too old for lying & toying around, I have gotten really good at being honest with men (myself too) & so you’d think they’d be honest with me butttttt I think they’re still working on all that.

How’d you get into modeling?

Growing up I always loved taking photos & feeling beautiful as I got older & decided it was something I wanted to pursue I started researching things. Agencies, models, brands, all of it. Then I started taking photos with local photographers & from there I signed with my mother agency & they helped me build & grow from there. I have past blog posts that go more in-depth about my experiences!

What has your modeling experience taught you about the industry/ yourself?

I love this question. Being in the modeling industry has taught me so much I feel like. First of all, it’s taught me that the industry does not love you, no matter how much you try to love it. It doesn’t, & it won’t, so you really, really, really, have to love yourself. Working in an industry whose primary focus is beauty has taught me that I will always strive to be more than a pretty face. In this industry, you are a human hanger, a shapeshifter, a prop being used to sell whatever product the brand you’re working for is trying to sell. Sometimes when I’m on set I don’t even feel like a real human when everyone is looking you up down; the stylist, the hairstylist, the makeup artist, the photographer & creative director inspecting every little part of you, but simultaneously NOT looking at you, it’s weird. I know it seems like I’m constantly bashing the industry but it’s not always all bad, & I have had some really awesome jobs & collabs. There’s nothing I love more than working with a great team & feeling empowered the entire shoot.

Most famous people you’ve met?

In LA I’ve been around a decent amount of famous people. Musicians, actors, business people, rappers, & athletes. At the very beginning, it was so cool to be able to say I was with (insert famous persons name here), but as time progressed & I spent more time around more of these rich & famous people I quickly found out that they are just that. People. A lot of them really aren’t that different besides the fact that they have millions in their bank accounts and hundreds of thousands of dollars on their wrists. A lot of them really aren’t that cool or kind for that matter either. Of all the famous people though there has been one whose group is always so very inviting, genuine, & trustworthy. I respect it so much because oftentimes these famous people believe that with their money & status comes a certain level of entitlement, especially when dealing with women, but I am the first to say no sorry that’s simply not how we operate over here.

If given the opportunity, would you give up everything to make the world a better place?

I love this question. This year has been so incredibly draining mentally because of everything going on. For me, I couldn’t sit & think about our country as a whole without getting ready to lose my mind. I’ve said for a long time I’m so worried about the world that my younger siblings, cousins, & eventually children are going to grow up in. It’s madness, people are mean, & social media makes everything so much worse. I think that our society values the wrong things; we are so materialistic & shallow. If I could give up what I had right now to make this world a better place I certainly would, without question. I think our society is on a destructive path; the selfishness, the idea that as long as we have ourselves we’re okay. A large part of why I write is to hopefully help someone in some way. Maybe if I can make them laugh at one of my crazy stories, or let them know that they aren’t alone when their world feels like it’s ending, then I’m always going to choose that route. Simple. If I could give everything up & make this world better for everyone I certainly would, but the reality is I can’t it’s not that simple. But what I can do is remain genuine, be there for people, & be kind. I can continue to try to do my part to make others happy & feel loved because at the end of the day what’s better than feeling loved?

I thoroughly enjoyed answering these questions & am so grateful you guys are interested enough in my life to ask! Like I always say, if you’re willing to talk, people are certainly willing to listen. I hoppppeeee these questions could let you guys know a little more about me, who I am, & where I stand right now. Thank you again for reading & being intrigued. Appreciate it beyond words.


Tay Blair

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