no timeline to happiness, no blueprint to success.

I was scrolling aimlessly on Pinterest earlier this week looking for new blog & content ideas, cute quotes, anything that might just give me a little bit of inspiration because even though its a new year & thats usually when our motivation is at all time high, it is undeniably still covid time, & our country STILL remains in turmoil. Therefore, it’s still very hard, very common, & very okay to not feel motivated, & even more not feel okay. Nonetheless we try our best to keep it pushing, so that’s what I’m doing. With that, I am so excited to try something new, a guest blog post. This will be my first of many, but it only seemed right that I begin with my very best friend Alyssandra. Her words gave me goosebumps & I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.



“I’m not huge on the whole writing for fun/blogger type hobby but I must say – the timing for this was perfect and maybe I should write more often. Times have been tough for all of us this past year, there’s no denying that. H o w e v e r, there is still so much that I am thankful for, maybe more than ever before. It’s easy to see the bad in everything but if there’s one thing this year has shown me, it’s how blessed I am to be alive and live the way I want to. A year ago I was enjoying my last college spring break ever while also stressing over what I would do next. I’ve always been a perfectionist and love to plan my every move so the goal was always to land my dReAm CaRrEeR before the time I graduated. That was my most prominent goal at the time and it seemed so close yet so far away… and then Covid hit. While it’s been the most miserable thing that has happened to us collectively, in a way it saved me. That dream career I was so stressed and determined to get was never actually MY goal. It was society’s. Another social construct that we all fall deep into. Now I’m not saying that working isn’t what we’re supposed to be doing… but is it? Was I really born to go to school for 20 years of my life and then work a 9-5 for the rest of it? Is it normal for me to feel like shit about myself because I graduated 8 months ago and have yet to find that dream career just to feel “accomplished” and not feel judged at those family gatherings we have maybe twice a year? While in a pandemic??? There’s only two words I have to summarize my feelings after this year: Fuck. That. 

Even now, the looks I get from adults when I tell them I’m not actively searching for a job and that I’ll find other ways to make my money… they look at me like I’m from a different world. And maybe I am, but that’s ok. Because if I’ve learned anything this past year it’s that life is what you make it (cue Hannah Montana). I take advice where I can get but at this point I’d rather look for it in myself. Everyone is so caught up in what we’re “supposed to do” and I’m so tired of it. AND THEN when you do start that business, people think you’re crazy for it, you’re never going to make a living doing that. You start being selfish in all the best ways, doing things that benefit your future goals, doing things that make you happy and suddenly people think you’ve gone crazy. Why do people hate it when you know yourself so well??? I’ve learned that even the closest people to you will not organically support you. Even if they don’t tell you, you can just feel it. Not to brag but I may be 1000-1 with trusting my gut. As sad as it is, people are not always going to support you, and some people might pretend to just in case you do make it. And those are the worst type of people.  I could say so much more but I’ll save it for another date. If you take away anything from this guest blog post, I hope it’s that you should start living for YOU. Take a semester off if you need a break, take that cross-country road trip, start that business. Surround yourself with only those who match your values and push you to do better every day. One of my favorite quotes that I’ve been living my lately: “Do the work, put the product out on the street… don’t ask people to post it. If it’s good they will notice and share with others, and it won’t be because you asked them to… it will be real and get bigger and bigger organically.” There’s no timeline to happiness & no blueprint to success. This life is all yours.”

Signing off (for now😉)


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